My Philosophy

The universe is constantly expanding and so are we. You have the ability to deliberately participate in your own expansion.
I could not summarize it better than this in Wayne Dyer’s Manifest Your Destiny:

“The nature of the universe is abundance. It goes on beyond our concepts of beginnings and endings and boundaries. When we think we have it categorized and locked into time-space boundary, it expands beyond our awareness almost as if it must move farther away from observation. This force is always moving, ever expanding and unlimited.
You are an aspect of that force, and therefore you, too, are flowing, ever expanding and unlimited. If you study yourself under a microscope with high magnification you will see that you are empty spaces with ever moving particles that have no material form. When you turn up the magnification on the particles, you see that they are moving at incredible speeds, beyond your capacity to measure them. When you look outward through the telescope, you see the same phenomena. That is the universe within you and outside of you work in the same fashion.
It is your nature to be able to attract, to expand to be unlimited. The force is in you and it is outside you. The force is you. By knowing the nature of this force and seeing yourself as a divine expression of it, and by going within to the power that permits you to picture a desire, and then tapping that power with a private, loving, cheerful knowing, you are on your way to using this vital force in ways that were unavailable to you with your conditioned view of yourself.”

I am honored to assist you in unconditioning the mind that has limited you so you can fully experience the state of ease in attaining optimal health and unlimited, joy, prosperity and inner peace.

Here are 6 processes you will learn:

  1. How to be mindful/aware of your thoughts and use them to create what you want.
  2. How to feel worthy to receive.
  3. How to achieve balance in your life.
  4. How to honor, release and utilize the myriad of emotions that make you uniquely human.
  5. How to practice nonjudgment and kindness, especially toward yourself.
  6. How to seek the expansiveness of love, joy and abundance as your birthright.