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Relax – It’s a Class!!

A full hour of relaxation. This class begins with 10 minutes of breathing and stretching to release muscle tension and relax the body. Participants bring a blanket and pillow for comfort and lie down on a mat. More breathing, relaxation, meditation techniques, hypnosis and guided imagery are used to achieve maximum mind/body relaxation. Each class includes a unique guided imagery focused on such topics as stress reduction, confidence, goal fulfillment, creativity, forgiveness, self-love and much much more.

The Art of Mind/Body Relaxation

This two hour workshop combines lecture, practical relaxation and breathing techniques, and positive self-talk skills to relieve stress and develop an awareness of negative unconscious patterns which may be affecting one’s life. The physiology of stress and the benefits of managing stress are discussed. Participants learn strategies to create positive self-talk and quickly vent stress. Relaxation techniques including breathing, progressive relaxation, scanning relaxation, physiologic relaxation and differential relaxation are practiced. The workshop concludes with 60 minutes of relaxation including stretches, breathing, and guided imagery. Participants bring a pillow and blanket and experience voice guided relaxation to soothing music. You’re guaranteed to come away feeling great!

Thinking Thin Feeling Fit

This two hour workshop combines lecture, practical tools to vent stress, positive self-talk and group hypnosis. Creating a realistic positive body image is addressed and a process for changing negative self-talk into positive self-talk is taught. Participants also learn cognitive tools to gain control of their emotional eating. In a relaxing environment of soft music, participants experience group hypnosis. In the hypnotic state the unconscious mind, where habits and emotions exist, is accessed. Unhealthy body images habits and emotional eating are replaced with positive suggestions for good nutrition, health, energy, self-love, exercise and fitness. The powers of the unconscious mind it thus combined with the conscious mind for greater satisfaction and control of one’s life. The result: you’re on your way to mental and physical success!

Thinking Thin Feeling Fit II

This is the same material covered in the second half of the workshop, including one hour of relaxation and group hypnosis to reinforce weight control issues including healthy eating choices, self nurturing without food, exercise, energy, and consistent positive habits. It is recommended that the workshop be taken first.

  • Individual Sessions Available: 
    Plan 3-4 hours for the initial session. Very individualized. One is usually all you need for most areas.

  • Special Events, Private Sessions and Group Classes:
    Call Nancy for more information at (503)684-4112.