Hypnosis for Phobias and Fear

What is Fear?

Wikipedia defines fear as “a distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat. It is a basic survival mechanism occurring in response to a specific stimulus such as pain or the treat of danger. Fear is apparently a universal emotion: all persons, consciously or unconsciously, have fear in some sort. In short, fear is the ability to recognize danger leading to an urge to confront it or flee from it (also known as fight-or- flight response).”

Fear is the number one emotion that can control us, whether the fear is real or imagined. Since everyone experiences fear, your degree of fear will determine how much it affects your life.

What is a Phobia?

A phobia is a group of anxiety related disorders in which an excessive fear is perceived in the absence of real danger. They are marked by anxiety and avoidance. The fear is irrational in the sense that it is out of proportion to the real danger and even the person himself experiencing this anxiety recognizes that it is exaggerated. If you have a phobia, you find it difficult to control the fear and often avoid the feared object or situation.

How are Phobias Classified?

A phobia is an intense and unrealistic fear brought on by an event, object or situation which can interfere with the ability to socialize, work or go about everyday life. Approximately one person in five (18 percent) of all Americans experience phobias that interfere with their daily lives.

The DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) divides phobias into three categories:

  • Simple phobias: evoked by a specific event, subject or situation, like an animal, insect, vomiting, thunder, darkness
  • Social phobias:  evoked by social contexts, including parties, gatherings, and even performances and public speaking
  • Agoraphobia: evoked by a fear of being alone in a public place where escape may be difficult or impossible. It can include fear of having a panic attack, where escape would be difficult or embarrassing.


Hypnosis for Phobias and Fears with which I have worked

  • Flying (one of the most common, successful areas I have seen)
  • Driving, especially freeways, bridges
  • Crowds and open spaces (can be agoraphobia)
  • Heights (can show with elevators, bridges, flying as the stimulus)
  • Birthing (often related to fear of pain, death, or the unknown)
  • Vomiting
  • Disease/germs
  • Public  Speaking / Performances
  • Animals, usually dogs
  • Spiders, insects, snakes
  • Injections/needles/medical procedures
  • Agoraphobia  (appearing as trapped in one’s home, obesity where it is difficult or embarrassing to leave home)


How Can the Hypnosis for Phobias and Fears Program Help?

  • Since the process of relaxing is part of hypnosis, immediate relief is experienced. It is much easier to face and address fears when relaxed and comfortable
  • Emotions are a part of the unconscious so hypnotherapy is an ideal tool for addressing and eradicating fears and phobias
  • Hypnotherapy can reach the core or cause of the fear and release it, giving back control of one’s life
  • Once a fear has been overcome, it is unlikely to be felt again. The fear can be put in the past where it belongs


What will you learn in Nancy’s Hypnosis for Phobias and Fear Program?

The Hypnosis for Phobias and Fear Program is 3 to 4 hours, broken into two sessions with the hypnosis taking place in the last hour. In the first 2 hours a thorough assessment is undertaken, including what therapy has been undertaken (or is currently being undertaken) as well as assessing the following:


  •   How much does it affect you in everyday life?
  •   What situations do you avoid?
  •   How would your life be better if you were no longer phobic?

Maintaining factors:

  • What beliefs do you have which stops you from getting better?
  • Do you have other symptoms such as anxiety and depression?
  • Secondary gains – what does the phobia allow you to do or not do, that you would have to give up if you were cured?

Existing Coping Skills:

  •   What do you do now?
  •   On whom do you rely?
  •   Any ‘false friends’ e.g. alcohol, tobacco etc?

This first two-hour hypnosis for phobias and fears session will also include:

  • Breathing and quick relaxation techniques.
  • Creating individualized suggestions and imagery for the end result of control and confidence in enjoying life free of fear.
  • Cognitive tools and “stop thought” techniques for positive thinking.
  • Practicing a quick self-hypnosis technique.
  • NLP techniques including “swish” and “anchoring.”
  • A take home folder of information discussed and exercises to practice.

The second hypnosis for phobias and fears session a week or two later includes:

  • A review of the last session’s “homework.”
  • Quick “pattern interrupt” techniques and reframing new positive behaviors.
  • A discussion of hypnosis and what can be expected.
  • The actual hypnosis is then completed and recorded “live.” You will leave with an individualized, high quality CD mixed with music for added reinforcement.

You will work with your tools and the CD for a good month and then we will check on your progress. Sometimes it is necessary to work on other issues. Occasionally we need to find the precipitating event that caused the fear which can be done with a regression using hypnosis. My experience is that the work you do to conquer your fears and phobias has permanent, lasting results. This is validated by the scientific research that has been performed.


What does the Scientific Research say about Hypnosis for Phobias and Fears?

Hypnosis for phobias and fears has probably been studied more than any other area. The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy-Psychotherapy has, in my opinion, put together the most comprehensive analysis. Please go directly to this site for a compilation of research, case studies and interventions for the treatment of fears and phobias:

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