My Stop Smoking Program Works!

I am proud to tell you that the greatest source of my referrals is from my stop smoking program.  When you are motivated to stop, the tools I teach can last life-long and be used for other areas where you seek improvement or change.

The session is 3-4 hours but I encourage you to break it into 2 with hypnosis the last hour. We explore your major triggers whether it is emotional or just habit, for example, when you get up in the morning, after a meal, at breaks, in the car, on the phone, when drinking alcohol, out socially, etc.

Since a “rule” of the mind is that you replace rather than take away, it is important to fill the “void” of a cigarette with healthy, positive behaviors/habits. That way, food is less likely to become a replacement and therefore you have less of a tendency to gain weight. Tailoring the suggestions just for you increases the long term success.

Replacements can be simple- a deep breath, some water, a walk or other exercise, brush the teeth, complete a project, or research an interest. The key is healthy positive behaviors/actions. We problem solve these together and they will be integrated into the hypnosis.

It is important you want to stop smoking, that the negatives associated with smoking are strong and that you are doing this for you. Anyone else who wants you to quit smoking becomes “icing on the cake.” Hypnosis cannot make you do something you do not want to do so be clear on your intention!

Since the unconscious mind runs the body, hypnosis can help with cravings, cleansing toxins from the body and creating chemical balance. As a certified medical hypnotherapist, I have training and experience with suggestions in this area that will optimize your results. The imagery you can create is beneficial in this process. For example, images that destroy the nicotine receptor sites help speed up the elimination of withdrawals and cravings. If you can imagine it you can do it!

You will learn self-hypnosis, quick stress venting techniques, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive tools for thinking positively. These techniques will assist in the transition to permanent smoking cessation.

The tools you learn can be used lifelong for any area in which you seek improvement. I will teach you ways of working with emotions that could have lead to a cigarette in the past. The cigarette simply becomes “out of the option list” and unimportant in any number of possible sabotaging situations or feelings.

The last hour is the hypnotherapy. We bring all the suggestions and skills together for a very relaxing way to implant directly into the unconscious. I record this part, mixed with soothing music. You will leave with your own individualized high quality CD for reinforcement. It becomes a replacement for smoking in itself as well as supplying the repetition necessary for your continued success as a nonsmoker.

Many of my clients keep listening to their CD long after they know they are done smoking.  They just enjoy the relaxation and the assistance it gives to so many to sleep deeply. I am sure you will find the same!

All I have taught you is written into a folder you go home with. In addition I am “on call” to you 24 hours if needed. I want you to call me before any possibility of returning to a cigarette.  I am prepared to listen to your needs and give you any support I can to assure your continued success.  After all, your success is my success and I take your needs seriously. 

I have had so many clients tell me that after trying everything- cold turkey, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and prescription medications-my stop smoking program is the easiest of all! I look forward to you finding the same.