Frequently Asked Questions

Is my ability to be hypnotized a reflection of a weak mind?
ANSWER: Of course not. In fact, the more intelligent you are, the easier hypnosis is for you.

Will my mind be damaged in any way?
ANSWER: No, your mind will not be damaged, altered or changed in any way. You will learn positive ways to change the way you have been thinking.

Can I be controlled by the hypnotist?
ANSWER: Certainly not! Hypnosis is always a “consent” state and you have complete control of the situation at all times.

Will I do anything I should not do?
ANSWER: No. You will not do anything in hypnosis that you would not do out of hypnosis.

What if I cannot wake up?
ANSWER: Hypnosis has been practiced for at least 6000 years and there is no recorded instance of someone not coming out of hypnosis. The difficulty is not getting you out of hypnosis, it’s keeping you in.

Will it give me a headache?
ANSWER: On the contrary, you will feel wonderful. In fact, if you have a headache when you go into hypnosis, it will usually be gone when you come out.

Will I be sound asleep?
ANSWER: No. You may be awake but should you relax so well that you drift off into sleep, just remember that the unconscious is always listening. You can receive excellent results even if you fall asleep.

Is hypnosis harmful in any way?
ANSWER: No one has been harmed by hypnosis in any way.

Will I blurt out any “secrets”?
ANSWER: Certainly not. Hypnosis is not a lie detector or a “truth serum.” You will not say anything you do not want to say.

What does hypnosis feel like?

ANSWER: Hypnosis is a very relaxing and comfortable experience. It feels similar to the feeling you have just prior to sleep.

Who can be hypnotized?
ANSWER: Anyone who wants, needs or desires to do hypnosis can be hypnotized. Motivation is the key. If you want to be hypnotized than you can.