Through the use of my proven techniques in deep relaxation and imagery skills, you and your birthing partner will discover that giving birth can be a joyous and exhilarating experience. You can participate in the Fearless Birth Program through OHSU or by contacting me at my office. By unleashing the powers of the unconscious mind, you will give birth with less fear and minimal discomfort. Whether you choose group or private sessions, the Fearless Birth Program includes the following:

Fear – How to reduce it
Early training / Lifelong skills
Affirmation / Suggestions
Relaxation training
Less fear / Tension / Pain
End result imagery
Social support Partner training

I have the following cds and tapes available to help you with your birth:

Relaxation: Hypnosis and Imagery for Childbirth

This tape or cd contains the entire script for birthing in the most comfortable way possible. It rehearses a positive labor experience from the moment true labor begins all the way to the birth of the baby. Listening to this tape prepares the subconscious mind for a successful birth experience. Also includes suggestions for quick, painless postpartum recovery, including positive suggestions for breastfeeding and parenting.

Pain Control Techniques for Childbirth

This tape or cd offers more than 10 techniques that alleviate pain through the use of the imagination. Included are distraction techniques, such as safe place imagery, time distortion, the color and shape of pain, the pain control scale, glove anesthesia, and more. Excellent training for both mom’s-to-be and health care professionals. When you participate in FEARLESS BIRTH you will discover that childbirth preparation can be fun and the skills you master will maximize the childbirth experience. These skills will include increased physical and mental relaxation, pain relief through direct suggestion and imagery, decreased need for drugs, shorter labor, rapid recovery, decreased risk of fetal complications and more.

Note: Each session will include a personalized FREE AUDIO TAPE OR CD so you can practice at home or in your labor room. Highlights of the contents include myths about childbirth, identifying and acknowledging your fears, recognizing your negative self talk, creating positive affirmations, breathing for birth, self-hypnosis training and more.  This also includes 10+ techniques for controlling pain and also 10+ techniques for relaxation.