Help with anxiety through hypnosis in Portland Oregon and Newport, Oregon

I am encouraged to read the Mayo Clinic article (see and seek professional advise/diagnosis first for the best possible outcome.) It is important to understand how the two branches of the nervous system operate and will show you how deeply anxiety is embedded in your nervous system. Your symptoms will be a combination of either alarm or shut-down.

Alarm: When we are initially stressed, we experience the fight-or-flight part of our sympathetic nervous system. When it turns on we feel:

  1. Hot, tense, tight jaw, twitches, itchy, sweaty, rapid heartbeat, shallow breath
  2. Heightened sense of alertness, like something bad is going to happen
  3. Emotions such as excitement, fear, anxiety, annoyance or anger
  4. The adrenal glands are activated and these are all signs of adrenalin surging into the body.

Shut down: When the stress overwhelms us, we feel stuck. Like an animal in the teeth of the lion, struggling but about to die, the parasympathetic nervous system turns on and we notice the symptoms of shut down:

Tunnel vision
Detached or dissociated

Difficulty seeing
Unable to get motivated

Feeling depressed
Slower heart rate

Heavy limbs as if gravity increased

What to Expect at your first Session of Hypnosis for Anxiety

With this in mind, your first two hour session will focus on your history, the symptoms you feel and whatever treatments for anxiety you are doing or have done in the past. We discuss what you want to feel like and what you would be doing if the anxiety was gone. This will be incorporated into the hypnosis for anxiety in the second session.

In most of the anxiety I have worked with, there is a tendency to go into the future with catastrophic thoughts and emotions. “What if” seems to be dominating words in conversation as well as self-talk. Often there is a tendency to relive events from the past that were negative and worry about such anxiety provoking events happening again. Learning to be more present can be quite a challenge. You will learn cognitive tools that help generate the positive thoughts, feelings and actions you desire. We practice creating “affirmations” to affirm your intent. These will also be incorporated into your hypnosis session.

What to Expect at your second Session of Hypnosis for Anxiety

We work on visualizations to turn off the fight or flight sympathetic nervous system. Since the unconscious mind runs the body, we can tap into this physiologic system and create a relaxation response. Breathing is a tool that will assist in this process so we practice several breathing and relaxation techniques. I teach you a quick self-hypnosis exercise you can do in just a couple of minutes which will be performed on your second session by me but will be much longer. You will practice your positive thinking, visualizations and self-hypnosis during the time between appointments. You go home with a packet of materials for reinforcement as well as the basics regarding hypnosis for anxiety.

Your second session is a chance to review your progress

It is amazing how much better clients feel as they are thinking better and learning to relax all on their own. During this session you learn some powerful, quick relaxation techniques, anchoring techniques using NLP (somewhat like a pat on the back for reinforcing positive feelings, behaviors and habits) and you will learn about hypnosis for anxiety. We do a nice long relaxation and bring all that we worked on together with the tool of hypnosis.

A CD is recorded for you to listen to at home

With relaxing music in the background, I record this session so you can take home a professional studio quality CD to listen to for further reinforcement. You can always call me or email me free of charge and let me know how you are doing. Using all the tools for a good month should definitely make a difference. We touch base after a month. Most clients do not need any more than this. I leave that up to you!

If you are ready to make an appointment to receive help with anxiety through hypnosis, and you live near Portland Oregon or Newport, Oregoncall Nancy at 503-684-4112.