My Sports Performance Program

Over the years, I have personally worked with the following sports:
•Running (all distances)
•Motorcycle racing


All Ages and All Levels Can Benefit


I have worked with amateurs to professionals, from age 6 to 70. I have worked with a few MLB players, a world champion female boxer, several PGA golfers and aspiring talented athletes of all ages. Many of the young athletes I have had the privilege of working with have witnessed their own remarkable improvement, increased overall self-esteem, received scholarships and many have gone on to professional levels. Whatever, one’s sport, age or level of skill, improvement can be achieved and more fun can be experienced!

Just a Few Areas Where Any Athlete Can Improve


Because the realm of the unconscious mind is all of one’s habits, emotions, body functions and memories here are just a few
areas for improvement:

•Increase focus and concentration
•Reduce performance anxiety
•Remove self-made limitations or blockage
•Facilitate improved consistency and “automatic” performance
•Increase self-belief and confidence
•Learn anger control
•Facilitate better visualization and mental rehearsal
•Access“the zone”
•Positively reframe and release past negative experiences
•Reduce or eliminate emotional charge from past negative experiences
•Increase motivation
•Remember past successes and bring them into the present
•Remove any negative thoughts before, during and after competition
•Improve specific skills by practicing mental rehearsal techniques
•Improve healthy habits including nutrition, weight control, sleep, substance abuse, self-care/balance, etc.
•Enhance healing from injury and promote return to the sport with intact confidence
•Enhance team dynamics, intra-team communications, mutual goal setting and intra-team cohesion


My First Session-(2 hours)


In this fact-finding session, pertinent history is discussed and goals are ascertained. Individualized suggestions, which will be incorporated into the hypnosis the second session, are created. Specific techniques related to the goals are explained which may include:

•Relaxation techniques, including breathing, quick stress releasers
•Release of emotional blockages, including fears and performance anxiety
•Confidence and self-esteem improvement
•Pre-competition routines to build consistency
•Mental rehearsal techniques including past successes, specific skill improvement, end result imagery and
other visualization techniques
•Exercises to enhance imagery
•Dismissal techniques, for both past mistakes as well as performance anxieties
•Reinforcement using NLP, including “anchoring”
•Achieving balance in life
•Further sessions may be needed for other issues, for example, anxiety/panic attack, healthy habit
improvement, weight control, confidence building, etc.

Next, cognitive behavioral techniques are addressed with emphasis on creating positive self-talk and releasing negative self-talk. Using the language of the unconscious mind, affirmations (suggestions) and visualizations relevant to the individualized goals are created and practiced. Self-hypnosis components are discussed and a quick one minute self-hypnosis exercise is practiced, integrating some of the specific suggestions created earlier.

Brief daily “homework” is clarified for practice between sessions for incorporation into athletic opportunities.


My Second Session-(1 to 2 weeks later, 1 to 2 hours)


Review of progress practicing tools and techniques learned in the first session. Additional relaxation and visual imagery techniques are taught and practiced, if needed.

Hypnosis is further clarified and suggestions to be incorporated reviewed. (Clients received a folder of materials on the first session including a thorough explanation of hypnosis and written explanation of previous tools/techniques taught for review.) The individualized hypnosis session is recorded and mixed with relaxing music. The client takes home a high quality CD for further reinforcement.

Unlimited calls or emails are included in the session price for follow-up and additional sessions can be added as needed.