About Hypnosis

Our minds are divided into two components, the conscious and the subconscious. They function similar to balancing scales. During ordinary everyday events, the dominant conscious mind is gathering information and exercising its powers of reasoning, logic and evaluation. After determining the importance, believability and truth of the information, this “data” becomes stored in the brain’s memory bank. The subconscious mind uses the data to regulate body function and emotions.
Through the hypnotic process of focused attention and relaxation, outside stimuli are reduced, conscious awareness is lowered and the subconscious mind becomes dominant. The subconscious mind lacks the ability to analyze and is now open to receiving and accepting suggestions for change, healing and self-improvement. Since the natural function of the subconscious mind is self- preservation and improvement, the accepted suggestions are now used by the brain to create the desired results. As a result, hypnosis works faster than any other therapy.

Your desire to accomplish or achieve something that you do not now have….
Your belief in what is desired……

The desire and belief in what you seek must come from you and you only.