My Weight Loss Program

To receive the results you deserve, I recommend an individualized approach that is specific to your issues.

To get started there is an initial 2 hour session to create the suggestions that you know will make a difference in your weight. Emotional eating, portion control, exercise and choices are reviewed. For emotional eating, the most difficult part of weight loss, it is important to create nurturing, positive habits and behaviors that replace eating for boredom, reward, frustration, depression, to name a few. The premise is food for sustenance, rather than comfort or nurturing or changing an unpleasant feeling. Suggestions in hypnotherapy reinforce eating when you are hungry, stopping at the feeling of comfortable fullness and leaving out the emotional eating. Stress venting exercises that change your state are taught to assist in changing this pattern of emotional eating and exploring alternate healthy non-food choices.

Portion control and food choices involves understanding what the body needs which is much less than most people eat or are served in restaurants. Learning to eat less and feel better is paramount to any weight control program. Most people I see who are 20 pounds or over their desired weight are often eating up to 50% too much. Most also find that more protein, fruits and vegetables and adequate hydration is also important. Simple carbohydrates are kept to a minimum but not eliminated. I believe moderation is better than depriving or creating a diet where the first 3 letters are ‘die!” Exercise is addressed in this session as well. Most clients know that less calories and more activity is a healthy way to approach long term weight loss. If you have not started a program, we discuss choices that are fun and more likely to be lasting. If you have a program of exercise in place, we add ways of improving it, such as adding in resistance work for optimal calorie burning, stepping up the effort exerted or adding additional workouts. Hypnosis is very effective in assisting with motivation and consistency in all of these areas.

This first session also includes cognitive principles of positive thinking. You can do all the hypnosis in the world, but if your self-talk is negative it will be more difficult to achieve optimal results. You can use the principles of positive thinking for anything you would like to achieve in the future. We practice how to write positive affirmations correctly, another way to reinforce your intent. I teach simple self-hypnosis on this first session so you can start working on your weight loss at home. This session also includes learning a NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) technique for additional reinforcement or “anchoring” the desired habits and behaviors achieved. You receive a folder of handouts summarizing what was learned in this session as well as information about hypnosis and what can be expected. You will be instructed in what to practice before your next session.

The second session allows the opportunity to discuss any areas that need further clarity or practice. Self-hypnosis experiences are evaluated and improved upon. Adding effective visualizations for healthy body imaging and even stimulating metabolism are incorporated. Most clients have already lost 5 to 10 pounds in the week to two weeks between sessions, feeling very encouraged about the program and the value of the skills taught. The last hour we bring everything together with a 45-55 minute hypnotherapy session where I incorporate the suggestions, imagery and desired feelings, individualized just for you. This is recorded on the spot with high quality studio equipment mixed with relaxing music. You are encouraged to listen to this recording every day and give time for the suggestions to implant into the unconscious mind. Most see behaviors and thinking changing quickly and many use the recording long after weight goals have been achieved. A 20-40 pound weight loss is not uncommon on this 2 session approach. If additional weight loss is desired or certain areas need additional emphasis, I encourage you to determine when you want to reschedule a short reinforcement session.