After working with and knowing many people throughout my life and career, I have noticed some characteristics that seem to be in common with happy, confident people in varied stages of life:

·        Have positive and attainable expectations

·        Take risks using experience and knowledge

·        Believe in their own abilities and uniqueness yet humble

·        See uncertainty as a challenge

·        Trust that perceived failure is a closer step to the goal

·        Trust their own judgment

·        Mistakes serve to motivate additional learning

·        Can genuinely laugh at themselves

·        Can listen but also express themselves with thoughtful words

·        Recognize the value of personal mishaps, learn and release the past

·        Feel worthy of good things happening

·        Like themselves and want others to feel the same

·        Nurture themselves in healthy positive ways

·        Are comfortable alone and with others

·        Feel compassion for others and a desire for a healthy planet

·        Can easily ask those they love and trust what they need                               ”

·        Realize that all of the above (and more) are a lifelong process where choices are available


Please add to this list. I welcome your thoughts.

If you would like to feel more of these characteristics, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to work with you and for you! This is what I enjoy doing.